Easy On Me review: Adele puts soul on the line in haunting comeback single

To say the whole world has been preparing for Adele’s new single is a total understatement, as thousands are eagerly watching the Midnight premiere of Easy On Me. After six years of waiting for new music, the 33-year-old did not disappoint and put her soul on the line in the ballad, while her feelings poured … Read more

Ascension | Film Review | Spirituality & Practice

This 96-minute documentary provides a multi-dimensional overview of China’s special kind of capitalism, consumerism and economic growth since 1978. In three well-structured sections, the director Jessica Kingdon covers the levels of the capitalist structure: from factory workers to aspiring middle and class entrepreneurs, to the newly wealthy elites and those who serve them. She begins … Read more

Book review: Lori Erickson’s ‘The Soul of the Family Tree’

Lori Erickson notes that tracking her family history helped her discover the ancestral spirits that guide her today Rebecca Christian 04.09.2021 6:00 a.m. As I read the bewitching new book by Iowa City writer Lori Erickson, I thought of what George Bernard Shaw once said about genealogy: “ In fact, Dancing with Skeletons would be … Read more

Together | Film Review | Spirituality & Practice

Together is a bold, sobering and addicting drama that begins March 24, 2020, the first night of lockdown in London during the COVID-19 pandemic. It ends the following March, when England’s vaccination program appears to have stopped the spread of the virus and the city reopens. The main characters are referred to as He (James … Read more

Native Soul: Teenage Dreams review – dark and deep South African dance | Music

Hhe music and the glorious tension between its on-beat and its syncopated elements has long been a sound associated with South Africa. From the leisurely tempos of the sample-heavy Kwaito, a subgenre that has established itself in the post-apartheid townships in Johannesburg, to the Pretorian call-and-response from diBacardi to the adrenaline-charged polyrhythms of gqom – … Read more

Cleo Sol: Mother review – intimate, spacious soul-jazz | Soul

B.Cleo Sol is known as one of the voices of the mysterious avant-soul outfit Sault and delivers her second solo album with little context. Three figures adorn the cover: Sol, a toddler and the photo of a young woman on the wall behind it. We have to assume that the three are related and that … Read more