Venus in Sagittarius Horoscopes for 2021 from CHANI


After poring over the complexity of the ties that bind us, Venus dons its most comfy dungarees, and hits the spacious vistas of open roads. Less concerned with the alchemical (and sometimes harrowing) ways love breaks us down in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius wants to gather the myths, pop songs, and cosmologies that explain the endless expansion of the heart.

Within the headiness of Libra season, we are called to examine the stories we tell ourselves about everything we deeply value. We also have the opportunity to pinpoint the ways these narratives could be revised to welcome greater abundance.

We may break a few hearts along the way, as Venus in Sagittarius won’t tarry in any place too long, preferring to test their theories on lovers and kindred spirits in many ports. The Unbearable Low-Keyness of Venus in Sag may threaten some of our more possessive impulses in love, but there are fruitful lessons here in non-attachment, if we can take philosophical distance (and laugh at our blunders).

Armed with its dog-eared Choose Your Own Adventure paperback, Venus may be forced to settle on the next escapade with a little more discernment on October 13th, when Venus sextiles Saturn.  Every adventure requires a visit from the wise old sage (or scientist), and Saturn provides helpful counsel, helping to define and conceptualize our Venusian desires.

October 26th may see our ardent seeker indulging in more transcendent connections, or pleasures, with the square to Neptune in Pisces. An insatiable hunger to bliss out, however, may see Venus waking up in another district of town — last night’s sequins and sliding face-paint more Picasso than Coachella.

Once the hangover subsides, Venus in Sagittarius cannot help but end its travels on a hopeful note (what, another silver lining?), as a sextile to Jupiter on October 28th reaffirms that love was never a finite resource, and every Motown song ever written is true.

Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading our work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.


Aries & Aries Rising

Venus in Sagittarius’ spirit of adventure will open sublime panoramas of the mind, as you are lured down an esoteric rabbit hole (or two, or three). There will be a sweetening of your learning pursuits, and cute encounters between the stacks — but also an opportunity to be seduced by the pursuit of wisdom itself.

As you wax philosophical about love, connection, and the quantum entanglement of souls, you may brush against the edge of something a little more tender.

This is part of a longer unfolding in your willingness to air your raw and authentic self in relationships. Perhaps a wisdom tradition offers a generous new slant on the contractions of your rebirthing. Your wounds themselves become portals into deeper revelation.

During this intellectual buccaneering, it may be important to mark the trees along the way, so you can find your way back to familiar pastures. Your studies may plunge you, after all, into mind-bending mysteries that tease beyond the veil, as you bathe in quirks and quarks, and trip on the bliss of enlightenment.

Just make sure you keep your research questions sturdy, your argument watertight — when in doubt, sleep on it.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

There’s a free-wheeling lightness to Venus in Sagittarius that may not always jive with your desire for more tactile and rooted connection. Nevertheless, the coming weeks offer an opportunity to use this sprightliness to make bounding strides in a healing journey.

Now is the time to take a multi-pronged approach to the dislodging of ghosts of sorrows past. Shooting the arrows of many therapies into the sky, you may be surprised at what seemingly off-the-wall method lands.

A stream of abundance is also coming through in bank loans, credit lines, and lending agencies. If you’ve been dreaming of an expansive new career, or life direction, but haven’t had the means to fund this, now may be the time to explore your options in terms of the universes’ starry coffers.

If you can get crystal clear about your vocational vision, and the first steps, you may find yourself delighted by your ease in lassoing monetary support.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As you continue to meditate on the meaning of life in your monk’s cave, you may find yourself yearning for the comforts of society again.

It’s been lonely wrangling citations and building worlds out of thin air in your sci-fi opus. Now you crave the learning that percolates in conversation, as your theories are tested against the experiential reality of another. Though waxing philosophical sounds lofty, there’s sure to be a flirtier subtext too.

The open questions trailing from your closest relationships may spill over into your career, and vocational pursuits. This is part of a much longer surrender to the wild wending of your life’s direction. The path ahead has not always been clear: the fog horns blare and you prepare yourself for another spell of disillusionment about your ‘dream’ career.

An offhand remark from your bestie, or first date, may have you questioning your place in the world. Some of this feedback may be useful in defining who you want to be when you grow up, but it’s important to remember that these outside perspectives are not rooted in your lived reality.

Your life path may seem bewildering to those with a lower threshold for mystery, but there is magic in not knowing where you’ll be in five years. Trust the synchronicity that brought you here.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Venus in Sagittarius has a way of bringing cheerful spontaneity to your work rhythms and rituals of self care. You slip bird of paradise blooms into a vase on your desk and find breaks to forest-bathe, or just bask in the sun.

You know things could flow more smoothly in your daily work routines, and you throw the kitchen sink at it now, cycling through different operating systems, time-hacks, training modules, and tools of the trade with a gusto that amazes all.

This time also sweetens relationships with your colleagues, as something about the coziness of your workplace brings out your goofier side. You may even be entertaining thoughts of a junket that will allow you to rub elbows with people from all over the world.

The mysteries of a healing journey continue to haunt in idle moments, and no amount of hustle will defer this deeply necessary (though not always comfortable) process.

Nevertheless, you may find sweet support now in the balm of a hard day’s work. There’s comfort in being of use, and spiritual satisfaction in a job well done; this honing of your more practical skills may spill over into the elbow grease you’re willing to put into your emotional world. Your mental health journey, like your work day, can be parceled into manageable steps.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

The season of foliage change sees a new swagger as you prowl the pumpkin patch — or window box of petunias. Wide vistas and frontiers of pleasure open in your life now, and your main issue is finding ways to flit between every gallery opening, Zoom dance party, tango class, and spooky soiree. What a lovely problem to have.

If you’re of the Halloween inclination, you will delight in putting a costume together, last minute, that still manages to win best dressed. Oh this old thing?

These worldly delights inform a longer unfolding in the abundance you seek in your closest relationships now, and your need to define exactly what this looks like (and doesn’t). Perhaps the wild and raucous side of yourself, which comes out during charades, could be brought to your more intimate entanglements too.

What if you and your bestie, or paramour, blew this popsicle stand? You may find that a pleasure-trip or a staycation allows you and a significant other to deepen your bonds, affirm your commitment to mutual growth, and crystallize exactly what is needed for the relationship to thrive — in lean times, as well as lush.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The season of swaying scales sweetens matters at home. You crave cozy nights in with your chosen family, to pontificate about life, the universe and everything in-between over cups of hibiscus tea. The artistry of ancestral traditions, and talismans, seduce you in the coming weeks and bring deep comfort.

As the belly laughs flow at home and hearth, the comfiness of it all may trigger an uncertainty you’ve felt around partnership. Perhaps a yearning to enmesh your paramours with the sturdiness of your home life surfaces now. This is part of a much longer unfolding, as certain relationships shape-shift and your head spins trying to find new vessels to contain them.

Sharing your life with another may require surrender to uncertainty for now. However, this also buys you time to get clear about what you need for your relationships to be mutually beneficial, rather than a drain. Make sure that garlic is all but spilling from your pockets as Halloween approaches, as energy vamps will be on the prowl.

As you weave elaborate stories around an elusive entanglement, what if you redirected that imaginative power to envision exactly the friend or lover you need to be to yourself in order to keep the home fires of your heart burning?

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Venus in Sagittarius tends to dial up your xoxoxo’s, and heart eye emojis, as you spread wildfires of delight through your communicative channels. You also have a way of delivering a compliment that has the ring of truth and makes its recipient feel witnessed in the wider context of the world — even the cosmos.

You gas people up, yes, but it comes from a place that’s genuine and laser-focused on their flourishing. Trust this gift.

Conversely, you may bristle now at any dulcet tones that feel disingenuous or betray a thinly veiled agenda (especially in the workplace). Flirting is something of a philosophy for you — a way of exploring the freedom of your social ties and expanding beyond the bounds of polite society.

We all delight in being seduced by a universal truth through the artful rhythms of oration. The question is where to apply your considerable gift of the gab: which walls do you want to coax down with your talent for spinning a mesmerizing tale?

This all may plug into a longer process of crystallizing your visions of pleasure, Eros, and the good life. Perhaps it’s you who needs to be persuaded to demarcate more time for worldly delights? When was the last time you turned your famous pampering on yourself?

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As the season pivots around you, your thoughts naturally drift to your resources, your balance book, and your checking account. Abundance may be streaming in from multiple sources, and it’s up to you to cast your net wide enough to catch what’s falling from bending branches.

These riches may be more deeply felt, too: it’s easy for you to take a philosophical distance when it comes to your self-worth, but something reminds you to nourish those parts of yourself too.

This might be feeding into a longer journey you’ve been on around consolidating your roots, and defining who belongs in your most private bunker. It will be obvious now the people who make you feel warm and safe, or the ones for whom you provide steady shelter. You’re monogramming towels for your ride-or-dies as we speak.

Perhaps a hidden talent is being unearthed by the encouragement of your chosen family — you begin to monetize your wood burnings, or publish your satirical sketches. Whatever it is that lights a bonfire in your belly, make sure to offer thanks.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Sometimes the vibes are simply in our favor. Now is the time to bask in everything coming hither and thither. Who is pulling up a stump at your fire? What do you attract into your field when you trust the bow-string tension of your delight? As you rove your environs, panpipes in hand, woodland creatures trailing behind — what will you do with these weeks of good press?

This season of flattering lighting might lead to deeper questions, however, around your roots. As you coast, again, on the sheer force of your optimism, when does the drift prevent you from sturdier anchorage? When does your famous charm, which could allow you to surf couches forever if you let it, start to feel like a strain?

This uncertainty plugs into a longer process of foundations in your life shifting, or in a state of natural decline. Fog patches have obscured, for a while now, where you want to hang your hat and who will ride with you into your endless silver linings.

The challenge will be clarifying exactly the anchorage that will support your personal growth right now. Choosing what’s built to last, and what will provide steady rooting, among this embarrassment of riches is your task in the weeks ahead.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Matters of love and connection may feel elusive now, as if seen through a dark glass. Lovers slip through your fingers like water, or a friendship is shape-shifting in ways you don’t have words for yet.

Secret liaisons and indulgences kindle your passionate side, though care must be taken that liminal entanglements don’t compromise your self-worth, or your pocket book (and you have worked very hard indeed on both).

Perhaps you simply need more time than usual to recharge your cha-cha batteries: three naps for every night out you attend.

The weeks ahead, however, could provide the opportunity to fall in love with the spaciousness of your solitude and repose. Rest stops and private time could be the portal to forays through the collective unconscious. There is treasure to be discovered here, which could bring magical inspiration to a writing project (or inspire fruitful private journaling).

You might also find that a wild and restless part of yourself is waiting to be claimed in that cabin retreat in the woods, or a more personal inner sanctum. What parts of you come to life in spaces beyond prying eyes or the digital box of mirrors? In what ways is privacy itself an increasingly forbidden (and delightful) fruit?

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Though your first approach to life can be sober, and your resting mode more aloof, there’s a wild and raucous side of you that comes out within the group. The next few weeks may shower you with delightful opportunities to let your freak flag fly with other misfit toys and merry rebels.

In fact, your networks may provide a soft landing, as you continue to carve the authentic ‘you’ out of raw stone. In some ways it’s easier to surrender to hundreds of unknown hands when you crowd surf, than pledge your unfinished masterpiece to the appraisal of a single person. What are these collective enfoldings teaching you about trusting yourself too?

This longer process of self-discovery has been as much about deletion as deliberate marks, as you’ve been made aware of the people, places, and things that will not support the long game of individuation: your potential dwells in the negative-space. For now, you reveal yourself in everything you’ve stripped away — the only person at the punk show in a crisp white t-shirt and pressed chinos.

Just be wary of using the hive-mind, and this moment of collective hedonism, as an escape valve. Don’t forget to nourish your body between the half-dozen Halloween parties you RSVPed. As much as you’re playing hype-person for your community, you can also gas up yourself, and celebrate your many transcendent talents.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Venus in Sagittarius graces the rarefied heights of your chart, and you may find yourself fitted with a laurel crown or two. Higher ups are suddenly all ears for your most audacious visions, and you may be reaping the benefits of your kindness to an important figure in your field: it really is the people you know.

Just make sure you stay grounded in your truth, and personal vision, as the big whales circle, and your collective offerings start to make waves.

This moment of public accolades may connect to a longer unfolding in the way you present yourself to the world. You cannot help but embody the imagination, artistry, glamour, and transcendence flowing effortlessly through you now, and this renaissance of the self has informed your life direction.

All worldly success, however, turns to ashes if you’re not scheduling in ample time to rest, and absorb all the change on a cellular (and energetic) level. Naps, private time, and calculated retreats from the public eye will be the secret to your long-term (and sustainable) success.

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